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Advocate Academy


The Advocate Academy Webinar series was conducted from 2006 through 2012.

Archives offer a wealth of information from leading experts on an array of topics.
Webinar archives are perfect for staff trainings, support group meetings, or for your own virtual reference library.

Functional Behavioral Assessments: Foundation for Effective Interventions
Conducted June 7, 2006

Carl Liaupsin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Director/Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Program, University of Arizona

Negotiating Assistive Technology Supports and Services
Conducted June 28, 2006


Dave L. Edyburn, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Research, University of Central Florida

IQ Testing - Not Just about the Numbers - (2 Part Webinar)
Conducted August 23, 2006


Melissa Farrall, Ph.D.
Stern Center for Language and Learning

Understanding the Woodcock-Johnson III - (2 Part Webinar)
Conducted September 6 and 13, 2006

Presenter Nancy Mather, Ph.D.
Professor, College of Education, University of Arizona
Co-author, Woodcock-Johnson

Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) Under the 2006 Federal Special Education Regulations
Conducted September 28, 2006


Scott F. Johnson, Esq.
Professor of Law Concord Law School
Co-author: Special Education Law
5th Edition

Response-to-Intervention (RtI): What Special Education Advocates Need to Know
Conducted October 19, 2006

Presenter Daryl Mellard, Ph.D.
then Principal Investigator, National Research Center on Learning Disabilities
Research Associate,
Center for Research on Learning, University of Kansas

Understanding Reading Instruction and Remediation - (2 Part Webinar)
Conducted November 13 and 15, 2006

Presenter Sally Grimes
Founding Director, Grimes Reading Institute
Independent Consultant and Trainer

The Power of Section 504
Conducted December 13, 2006
(Note: This presentation predates the ADA Amendments Act of 2009)

Presenter Claudia Lowe, J.D., SENC
Educational strategist and consultant
Realistic Ways to Build Collaboration in IEP Meetings
Conducted February 21, 2007
Presenter Kathy Wian, MPA
then Director, Conflict Resolution Program
University of Delaware
Equitable, Effective and Meaningful Grading Practices for Students with Disabilities
Conducted March 21, 2007
Presenter Dennis D. Munk, Ed.D.
Professor of Education, Carthage College, Kenosha, Wisconsin
Author, Solving the Grading Puzzle for Students with Disabilities (Knowledge by Design, Inc.)

Behavior Intervention Planning: Beyond Legal Mandates
Conducted April 18, 2007

Presenter Sharon Lohrmann, Ph.D.
Director, New Jersey Positive Behavior Supports in Schools Project

Transition Planning Under IDEA 2004
May 9, 2007

Presenter Ed O'Leary, Ph.D.  
then Program Specialist, Mountain Plains Regional Resource Center
Educational Consulting, Inc.

Transition Assessments for Students with Disabilities
May 23, 2007

Presenter Larry Kortering, Ph.D.
Professor, Appalachian State University
then Co-Director, National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center
IEP Essentials: Lessons Learned Through Legal Analysis
Conducted October 3, 2007
Presenter Susan K. Etscheidt, Ph.D.
Professor of Special Education, University of Northern Iowa

Understanding Assessments: Psychological, Processing, and Achievement Evaluation Data
Conducted October 24, 2007

Presenter Alan Brue, Ph.D.
School psychologist, Bartow County School District

Understanding Assessments: Emotional and Behavioral Evaluation Data
Conducted November 7, 2007

Presenter Alan Brue, Ph.D.
School psychologist, Bartow County School District

Prepping for an IEP Meeting: What you need to know about AT consideration and AT implementation
Conducted March 5, 2008


Dr. Margaret Bausch, University of Kentucky
Dr. Tara Jeffs, East Carolina University

Extended School Year (ESY) Services: What Special Education Advocates Need to Know
Conducted April 17, 2008
Presenter Scott F. Johnson, Esq.
Professor of Law Concord Law School
Co-author: Special Education Law
5th Edition

Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs): What Special Education Advocates Need to Know
Conducted August 20, 2008

Presenter Steve C. Imber, Ph.D.
Measuring Student Progress: Developing IEPs that Work
Conducted September 24, 2008
Presenter Carol Kosnitsky

AT, AIM, NIMAS, UDL and More: Making It All Work for Students With Disabilities
Conducted October 22, 2008

Presenter Kathleen H. McClaskey, M.Ed.
President, Ed Tech Associates

Helping Families Prepare for Mediation and Resolution Sessions
Conducted November 19, 2008

Presenter Jane R. Wettach
Clinical Professor of Law, Duke Law School, Director, Children's Law Clinic
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Students with Disabilities in Foster Care: What Special Education Advocates Need to Know
Conducted February 18, 2009


Dr. Sarah Geenen
Assistant Professor, Portland State University

Discipline and Students with Disabilities: Key Concepts and Strategies for Advocates
Conducted March 19, 2009


Catherine A. Holahan, Esq.
then Attorney, Connecticut Legal Services, Inc.

Methodology Disputes: Getting Beyond the Assumption of Deference
Conducted April 15, 2009


Mandy Favaloro and Carolina Watts
A2Z Educational Advocates, Los Angeles, CA

IDEA and the Recovery Act: What Special Education Advocates Need to Know
Conducted April 30, 2009


Kathleen Boundy, Esq., Paul Weckstein, Esq., Co-Directors, Center for Law and Education
Candace Cortiella, Director, The Advocacy Institute

Using State Complaints for Systemic Advocacy on Behalf of Students with Disabilities
Conducted May 21, 2009


James Comstock-Galagan, Esq.
then Executive Director, Southern Disability Law Center

State Performance Plans and Annual Performance Reports Under IDEA:
What Special Education Advocates Need to Know

Conducted June 11, 2009


Diana Autin, Esq.
Co-Executive Director, New Jersey Statewide Parent Advocacy Network

Navigating Response to Intervention: Tips and Strategies for Advocates
Conducted October 14, 2009


Heather Stephens, Ed.D.
Academic Evaluation & Diagnosis

Advocating for Gifted Students with Learning and Other Disabilities
Conducted November 18, 2009


Rich Weinfeld
Director, Weinfeld Education Group, LLC

Including Students with Disabilities in Accountability Systems:
Legal Framework & Future Issues

Conducted January 20, 2010


Kathleen Boundy, Esq.
Co-Director, Center for Law and Education

Ins and Outs of Compensatory Education for Students with Disabilities
Conducted February 10, 2010


Jennifer Lowman, Esq. & Maura McInerney, Esq.
Staff Attorneys, Education Law Center – PA

Specific Learning Disabilities Identification: Where We Are and What We Know
Conducted December 3, 2009


Nancy Mather, Ph.D.
Professor, University of Arizona

Understanding the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)
Conducted March 10, 2010


James Rosenfeld, Esq.
then Director, Education Law Programs, Seattle University School of Law
& IDEA ALJ/HO Academy

Citizen Press Corps: Equipping Community Advocates with Tools to Engage the Media
Conducted February 3, 2010


Patricia Armetta Haubner & Megan Freed
Douglas Gould and Company

Yes You Can: How Advocates Can and Do Make Positive Change
Conducted February 9, 2009


Jamie Ruppmann, Member, Board of Directors
The Advocacy Institute

Ethics in Special Education Advocacy
Conducted April 14, 2010


Kayla A. Bower, Esq., and Joy J. Turner, Esq, creators of Partners in Education Advocacy
Oklahoma Disability Law Center, Inc.

Standards-based Individualized Education Programs (IEPs): What, Why and How
Conducted September 28, 2010


Candace Cortiella, Director, The Advocacy Institute
Rachel Quenemoen,then Senior Research Fellow, National Center on Educational Outcomes

Common Core State Standards: Implications for Students with Disabilities
Conducted September 29, 2010


Jan Sheinker, Ed.D., and Martha Thurlow, Ph.D.

Evidence-based Practice in Special Education: How Advocates Can Make it Happen
Conducted October 13, 2010


Ronnie Detrich, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, Wing Institute

Time for Change: Challenging School Policies & Practices to Help Students with Disabilities Stay in School
Conducted November 10, 2010


Kathleen B. Boundy, Esq. and Lili Garfinkel

IDEA at 35: What Advocates Need to Know and Do
Conducted December 1, 2010


Kurt E. Hulett, Ed.D., Author, Legal Aspects of Special Education

The RTI Ruckus: What Special Education Advocates Need to Know
Conducted November 2, 2011


Allison Hertog, Esq., M.A. and Edward Schultz, Ph.D. 

Unraveling the 504 Maze: Information and Strategies for Special Education Advocates
Conducted December 7, 2011


Elizabeth Greczek and Ron Hager

AT and AIM: Strategies for Student Success
Conducted January 11, 2012


Pam Cook and Joanne Karger

AT Evaluation: Hitting the Target and Supporting Implementation
Conducted February 8, 2012


Bryan Ayres

Student Accommodations: The Role of Parents and Advocates
Conducted March 14, 2012


MaryAnn Byrnes

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