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improving the lives of people with disabilities



Our new reports on 2015-2016 graduation data shows significant changes over 6 years yet big gaps for students with disabilities remain.

NAEP 2015: Our report shows little progress for students with disabilities. Read our blog post.

TUDA 2015: This report shows poor performance for students with disabilities in most large urban school districts. Read out blog post.

Our analysis finds students with disabilities served under Section 504 are overwhelmingly White, male. Read it here.

Our study finds wide variation in graduation rates for students with disabilities; little relationship with states' graduation policies. Read it here.

IDEA Money Watch Special Report provides information on MOE reductions and use of IDEA funds for Coordinated Early Intervening Services. Read it here.

The Advocacy Institute co-authors new RTI-based SLD Identification Toolkit for the RTI Action Network. View the introductory webinar on the Toolkit.

Check out Moving Your Numbers to learn ways to improve performance for students with disabilities. The Parent/Family Companion Guide was written by The Advocacy Institute.



Latest Projects

ESSA and Students with Disabilities

Learn how the latest reauthorization of the Elementary
and Secondary Education Act - called the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) -
will impact students with disabilities.


IDEA State Complaint Resource Center

The IDEA State Complaint Resource Center is your guide to effective
state complaints, one of the dispute resolution options under the
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
Check it out!


Our IDEAmoneywatch.com project provides comprehensive
information on federal funding for the individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).





Resource Highlights


Free access to our Advocate Academy webinar series.

Choose from over 50 webinars designed for special education advocates. Get started.

Guide cover
Preparing for Special Education
Mediation and Resolution Sessions:
A Guide for Families
and Advocates

Produced in collaboration with the Children's Law Clinic at Duke University Law School.

Get your free copy today!

Interactive report on special education prepared by Emily LeCoz, reporter at
The Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, Mississippi.

Compare graduation rates, educational environments, discipline, staffing and exiting data state-by-state!

Interactive Report on Special Education

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