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IDEA State Complaint Resource Center

Your guide to effective state complaints under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)


The IDEA State Complaint Resource Center provides information and resources to assist parents, advocates and attorneys in using the IDEA Written State Complaint process for advocacy. Get comprehensive information on the IDEA Written State Complaint process along with podcasts, webinars, and video presentations, data on the number of complaints filed by state, direct links to Written State Complaint procedures in each state, a bank of state complaints listed by topic, and a tool to share a complaint with us for posting.


*** Featured Complaint ***

Bloomfield School District, New Mexico

Native American Disability Law Center,
the Protection and Advocacy agency for Native Americans,
filed a state complaint against Bloomfield School District in October 2020.

The investigation by the New Mexico Public Education Department
found several violations of the IDEA, as alleged in the complaint.

Listen to our podcast with Alexis DeLaCruz
to learn about this
complaint. (36 mins.)

*** Complaint documents ***

(October 5, 2020) (PDF, 5 pgs)

State Investigation Report
(December 4, 2020)(PDF, 18 pgs)

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