Advocate Academy Deluxe Webinar Collection USB

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Deluxe Webinar Collection USB

Get archives of all 50 Advocate Academy Webinars for one low price!

The Advocate Academy Deluxe Webinar Collection USB gives you unlimited access to 50 of our 90-minute Webinar archives plus all related materials and additional resources. Access all events anytime, anywhere - no need for Internet access. You also get the complete IDEA 2004 statute and federal regulations, Section 504 federal regulations, plus 1 GB of free space for your files!

Use Advocate Academy Webinar archives for professional development, parent group meetings, and your personal advocacy resource library.

A must-have resource for special education advocates!

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The Advocate Academy Deluxe Webinar Collection USB contains over 75 hours of information presented by the nation's leading experts on these important topics:
  • Negotiating Assistive Technology Supports and Services
  • Functional Behavioral Assessments - Foundation for Effective Interventions
  • IQ Testing - Not Just about the Numbers (2 part)
  • Understanding the Woodcock-Johnson III (2 part)
  • Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) Under the New Federal Special Education Regulations
  • Response-to-Intervention (RtI): What Special Education Advocates Need to Know
  • Understanding Reading Instruction and Remediation (2 part)
  • The Power of Section 504
  • Equitable, Effective and Meaningful Grading Practices for Students with Disabilities
  • Realistic Ways to Build Collaboration in IEP Meetings
  • Behavior Intervention Planning: Beyond Legal Mandates
  • Transition Planning Under IDEA 2004
  • Transition Assessments for Students with Disabilities
  • IEP Essentials: Lessons Learned Through Legal Analysis
  • Understanding Assessments: Psychological, Processing, and Achievement Evaluation Data
  • Understanding Assessments: Emotional and Behavioral Evaluation Data
  • Prepping for an IEP Meeting: What you need to know about AT consideration and AT implementation
  • Extended School Year (ESY) Services: What Special Education Advocates Need to Know
  • Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs): What Special Education Advocates Need to Know
  • Measuring Student Progress: Developing IEPs That Work
  • AT, AIM, NIMAS, UDL and More: Making It All Work for Students with Disabilities
  • Helping Families Prepare for Mediation and Resolution Sessions
  • Yes You Can! How Advocates Can and Do Make Positive Change
  • Students with Disabilities in Foster Care: What Special Education Advocates Need to Know
  • Discipline and Students with Disabilities: Key Concepts and Strategies for Advocates
  • Methodology Disputes: Getting Beyond the Assumption of Deference
  • IDEA and the Recovery Act: What Special Education Advocates Need to Know
  • Using State Complaints for Systemic Advocacy on Behalf of Students with Disabilities
  • State Performance Plans and Annual Performance Reports Under IDEA 2004
  • Navigating Response to Intervention: Tips and Strategies for Advocates
  • Advocating for Gifted Students with Learning and Other Disabilities
  • Including Students with Disabilities in Accountability Systems: Legal Framework & Future Issues
  • Ins and Outs of Compensatory Education for Students with Disabilities
  • Specific Learning Disabilities Identification: Where We Are and What We Know
  • Understanding the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Citizen Press Corps: Tools to Engage the Media
  • Ethics in Special Education Advocacy
  • Standards-based Individualized Education Programs (IEPs): What, Why and How
  • Common Core State Standards: Implications for Students with Disabilities
  • Evidence-based Practice in Special Education: How Advocates Can Make it Happen
  • Challenging School Policies & Practices to Help Students with Disabilities Stay in School
  • IDEA at 35: What Advocates Need to Know and Do
  • The RTI Ruckus: What Special Education Advocates Need to Know
  • Unraveling the 504 Maze: Information and Strategies for Special Education Advocates
  • AT and AIM: Strategies for Student Success
  • AT Evaluation: Hitting the Target and Supporting Implementation
  • Student Accommodations: The Role of Parents and Advocates

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