Webinar Archive: Advocating for Gifted Student with Learning and Other Disabilities

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Conducted November 18,, 2009

ABOUT THE WEBINAR: Students who have gifts and simultaneously have learning difficulties or disabilities are in every classroom. It is crucial for both these students and for our society that we identify these students and provide them with appropriately challenging instruction and the skills, strategies and accommodations that remove the obstacles presented by their disabilities or difficulties.

This presentation provides advocates with information and strategies that will allow them to effectively work with school teams and parents to identify these students. This presentation also provides advocates with the knowledge of the best practices for the education of these students, so that they can help school teams and parents to formulate appropriate individualized plans for each student.


ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Rich Weinfeld long been an advocate for quality educational programs for all students. Now the director of Weinfeld Education Group, LLC, he previously served as Montgomery County, MD’s first full time coordinator for students who are simultaneously gifted and learning disabled. His books include Smart Kids with Learning Difficulties: Overcoming Obstacles and Realizing Potential, Helping Boys Succeed in School, School Success for Student’s with Asperger’s Syndrome, and Special Needs Advocacy Resource Book.” Information about his advocacy and training programs, including the upcoming “Diamonds in the Rough” national conference and the Special Needs Advocacy Institute can be found at www.richweinfeld.com.

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