Webinar Archive: Evidence-based Practice in Special Education:
How Advocates Can Make it Happen

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Conducted October 13, 2010

In the last decade, the term evidence-based has become ubiquitous in education. The term is being used in many different ways and for many different purposes. The goal of this session is to describe the basic concepts of evidence-based practice, outline the legal and ethical basis of evidence-based practice, and examine its implications for all education stakeholders with specific attention to parents and their advocates.


Ronnie Detrich is currently a senior fellow at the Wing Institute, a relatively new non-profit organization in Oakland, Ca with the mission of promoting evidence-based practices in education. Prior to coming to the Wing Institute, Ronnie spent over 30 years delivering evidence-based interventions in educational settings. Most recently, he served as Clinical Director of a large non-profit, private special education school for children with serious educational and behavioral challenges and co-directed a large public school consultation project. He has also served as director for a residential/educational program for children with autism and director of a program for adolescent status offenders. Ronnie’s current interest in evidence-based is in the large-scale implementation of effective interventions in typical service settings. He is also interested in issues of effective staff training and practical methods for assessing and assuring high levels of treatment integrity. He has authored several papers on issues related to evidence-based practice in school settings.

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