Webinar Archive: Specific Learning Disabilities Under the New Federal Special Education Regulations (IDEA 2004)

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Conducted September 28, 2006

Nationwide, approximately 43 percent of students who receive special education services are identified as having a specific learning disability. The new federal special education regulations that went into effect October 13, 2006 included important changes to the way students with learning disabilities are identified as eligible to receive special education services under IDEA 2004. This 90 minute Webinar presentation explains these changes and provides information about related topics like responsiveness-to-intervention (RTI) and state education standards. The presentation also provides tips and advocacy strategies.

Scott F. Johnson is a Professor of Law with Concord University School of Law and an adjunct Professor of Law at Franklin Pierce Law Center where he teaches education law courses. He has been counsel in a number of important special education cases and he is co-counsel in Claremont v. Governor, the case establishing that all New Hampshire students have a fundamental right to an adequate education. He is the founder of NHEdLaw, LLC, and the Education Law Resource Center. Both provide resources and information about education law topics to help parents, educators and other professionals understand legal requirements and meet student needs. He is the author of a number of articles and books available at the websites including: the New Hampshire Special Education Law Manual: A Guide for Parents, Educators, Attorneys & Advocates; Preventing Physical Restraints in Public Schools: A Guide for Parents, Educators and Professionals; and Reexamining Rowley: A New Focus in Special Education Law.

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