Webinar Archive: Transition Planning Under IDEA 2004

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Conducted Conducted May 9, 2007

Preparing for and making the move from school to adult life is challenging for both youth and families. This Webinar provides participants with information on the changes in IDEA 2004 for meeting the transition needs of students and families. Included is an explanation and examples of a simple IEP process that is outcome oriented and will lead toward improved transition planning and post school results. Additionally, the roles of the student, parent, school and adult agencies in the transition planning process is covered. The presenter's work with states and districts through the Transition Outcomes Project is also discussed.

Dr. Ed O’Leary has spent over 30 years working in and with schools as a secondary special education teacher, special education consultant, transition specialist, work experience coordinator, program specialist, and program director. He has also taught at the graduate and undergraduate level and has worked in Vocational Rehabilitation. He has trained and presented nationally on the transition requirements under IDEA 97 and IDEA 2004 and has developed an approach in helping districts and states meet the transition requirements and demonstrate improvement and results. The Transition Outcome Projects has or is operating in 27 states/territories and over 1,500 districts. States/districts that have been implementing the Transition Outcomes Project (TOPs) have demonstrated, through trend data, improvements in meeting many of the transition requirements. He was co-author of: Transition Requirements – A Guide for States, Districts, Schools, Universities and Families (2000) which is currently being updated.

Dr. O’Leary works one-half time for Mountain Plains Regional Resource Center (MPRRC) as a Program Specialist. MPRRC is a U.S Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs funded project that helps build the capacity of State Education Agencies and Lead Agencies in improving programs and services for infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities. The MPRRC is the technical assistance division of the Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University. During his other one-half time he operates his own consulting firm, Educational Consulting, Inc. In that capacity he provides training and technical assistance, as well as speaking on secondary special education and transition service issues to educators, adult agencies and parents, nationally.

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