Webinar Archive: Behavior Intervention Planning: Beyond Legal Mandates

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Conducted April 18, 2007

Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP) are terms frequently used in the education community. But what do these terms really mean? How does one determine if the FBA and BIP are of high quality? This webinar provides an understanding of the indicators that can be used to determine if an FBA and BIP are technically sound and socially meaningful. The presenter goes through the FBA and BIP process showing what should happen at each step and the questions to ask to ensure the process results in high quality intervention supports.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Sharon Lohrmann, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Elizabeth M. Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities. The Boggs Center is located in New Brunswick, New Jersey and is part of the University of Medicine and Dentistry - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Department of Pediatrics.

Sharon Lohrmann directs the NJ Positive Behavior Supports in Schools project, a partnership with the NJ Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs. She is also co-investigator on a NIH funded research study to investigate the transformation of coercive interactions within the context of valued family routines.

In her role at the Boggs Center, Sharon works with families and professionals through training and technical assistance activities to promote the adoption of positive behavior support. She promotes statewide dissemination of resources through the NJPBS.org website, trainings, conference presentations, and the NJ Positive Behavior Support Association.

Sharon has authored a number of publications in peer-reviewed journals including Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions, Research and Practice in Severe Disabilities (Formally, JASH), Exceptional Children, and American Journal on Mental Retardation. She belongs to a number of professional organizations including Council for Exceptional Children, TASH, Association of Positive Behavior Support, and AAMR. She holds a doctorate degree from Lehigh University.

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