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IDEA National Survey Project

Thank you for taking part in the IDEA National Survey Project and sharing your experiences with special education!

The IDEA National Survey Project is sponsored by the National Center for Learning Disabilities, National Down Syndrome Society, Autism Society of America, Autism National Committee, and The Advocacy Institute.  Our purpose is to study whether the playing field is level for children with disabilities and their parents, and whether their rights are protected. 

The survey closed on July 12, 2011.  We received over 3,000 responses.  We thank everyone who participated in the survey.  Your help and time in completing the survey is much appreciated.  We also thank everyone who publicized and shared the survey for us. 

The survey examined whether parents perceive themselves as equal partners in their children’s education, and what advocacy professionals and self-advocates think.  We asked questions about whether the rights of students with disabilities and their parents protected throughout the special education process, including IEP meetings, decisions about special education, evaluations and eligibility, and Due Process and Impartial Hearings.  The survey was open to all disabilities and all members of the disability community, including parents, self-advocates, attorneys, professional advocates, and other professionals.  We will be using the answers to compile a report about the experiences of parents and children with disabilities and these issues.

The survey is now closed.  We are now analyzing the data and sharing it through public reports on our website.  Check back for more reports!

NEW! The IDEA National Survey Project included some questions about the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and alternative assessments.  The survey found that parents receive only limited information about the alternative assessments and their impact on their child's education.  Read our ESEA Assessment Fact Sheet here.

Questions?  If you have questions about the survey, please email Jessica Butler, Coordinator of the IDEA National Survey Project, at jessica@jnba.net.  

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